Robert Pritchard, President
Construction Supervisor (MA Lic.#CS029057)


Ace Wildlife: The Certified Exclusion Specialists

Pres. Bob Pritchard sends P-town pigeons flying!

At Ace Wildlife Removal Services, we get them out and keep them out! Ace specializes in the big commercial jobs others can't handle. Owner and President Bob Pritchard is licensed by the State of Massachusetts as a Construction Supervisor (MA Lic.#CS029057) which means Ace is THE one to call for the biggest jobs which require such licenses. Clients include the Cape Cod Mall (where we stopped a major seagull problem and steam-cleaned it up!),The Provincetown Chamber of Commerce, Southeastern Mass University and several school districts.

Bat exclusion work is one of our specialities! Attics can become nesting places for bats and Ace Wildlife has the know-how and the proper state licensing to do the job right!

Raccoons and birds can be a problem in chimneys; Ace installs chimney caps made of the best heavy-duty grade of stainless steel to keep animals out!
We're fully insured, too.

So, when you've got an animal problem, call the pros: Ace Wildlife Removal. Our team collectively has over 100 years of experience, both here and abroad, in solving animal problems.

* Commercial
* Industrial
* Residential
Count on Ace to do it all... and to do it RIGHT!

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We GET them out and KEEP them out!