Ace Wildlife Photo Gallery

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albinocage.jpg albinoinwild.jpg coonchim.jpg
Albino Raccoon trapped by ACE WILDLIFE. A rare albino raccoon! Raccoons can do extensive damage to roof and chimney areas. ACE WILDLIFE traps them and repairs the damage to your home!
coons.jpg coyote.jpg eric-raccoon-1.jpg
Raccoons entered a vacation home and made themselves comfortable. ACE WILDLIFE showed them the door! Coyote populations are on the rise on Cape Cod and in Southeastern Massachusetts. ACE WILDLIFE can trap these animals, helping to protect your pets and property! Tufts University works with Ace staff on raccoon issues
eric-raccoon.jpg foxes.jpg geese.jpg
Tufts University works with Ace staff on raccoon issues ACE WILDLIFE owner, Bob Pritchard, shows some foxes he's trapped. Canada Geese congregate in open areas, often making a mess. ACE WILDLIFE can send them back over the border!
installing1bird1grid1wire.jpg johnalbino.jpg louvrerrepair.jpg
This specialized grid-wire helps keep birds at bay on large buildings. Ace Wildlife's experience at the Cape Cod Mall,Southeastern Mass University and other public buildings makes them uniquely qualified to handle the larger jobs others can't. Ace Wildlife staffer John shows a rare albino raccoon he trapped. Louver vents are a common entry point for wildlife. Once inside an attic, they can nest, chew electrical wiring and get inside the sidewalls of a home. ACE has the experience to get rid of the animals
macys.jpg pigeons.jpg ptown.jpg
Macy's stopped the pigeon parade by calling ACE WILDLIFE. ACE not only got rid of the birds, but also steam-cleaned the Macy's roof and sign. Provincetown pigeons - Ace sent these P-town pigeons packing from the Chamber of Commerce building! Just one of many commercial jobs Ace has been called in to handle. Get the best- call Ace Wildlife today! When pigeons put the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce in a pickle, they called Bob Pritchard of ACE WILDLIFE to help send them packing!
roofcap.jpg roofwire.jpg seagulldroppings.jpg
Installing a chimney cap can keep raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife out of your home and prevent thousands of dollars in damage! Call ACE WILDLIFE today. Installing specialized wire helps repel pesky birds from roof areas. ACE WILDLIFE has the contractors license others lack to get the job done right! Seagulls made a mess of the roof at the Cape Cod Mall. ACE WILDLIFE's know-how got rid of the gulls and cleaned up the mess.
skunkholes.jpg spray.jpg squirreldamage.jpg
Skunks love to dig up lawns as they search for grubs. ACE WILDLIFE knows how to deal with this problem and win the turf battle! Part of Ace's bird removal and cleanup operations at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, MA. Squirrels can do a lot of damage! Look at the hole they've chewed in this home! Ace knows how to trap them and keep them from returning!