Robert Pritchard, President
Construction Supervisor (MA Lic.#CS029057)

The No-See-Um Chimney Trap

This is the No-See'Um Chimney Trap manufactured by Robert Pritchard and sold exclusively by Wildlife Controls Supplies of Simsbury, CT. WCS is very excited to be offering this new & innovative product to the nuisance wildlife professional market.
This trap, as the name implies, is positioned entirely inside the chimney flue. The No-See'Um Chimney trap will fit both 9 x 13 and 13 x 13 flue tiles. The trap body is constructed of sturdy 1" x 1" galvanized mesh and will offer years of service. The trap door and the clean-out door are constructed of 10.5 gauge wire mesh for increased strength and durability. The locking mechanism of the trap is also a visual indicator which allows you to check the trap from the ground.

To activate the trap, a raccoon climbs up the flue, is funneled through the passive door of the trap, reaches the top where there is a fine piece of wire holding the locking bar in an elevated position. When the wire is dislodged the locking bar slides down, positively locking the door behind the raccoon.

To position this trap in a chimney flue you simply wrap a load anchoring strap around the chimney. Slide your trap into the chimney flue until the rear flange of the trap rests on top of the flue. The trap can't fall into the chimney flue. Then, place two bungee cords from one side of the load anchoring strap, over the top of the trap flange, and clip it onto the load anchoring strap on the opposing side. That's all there is to it !!

This trap is highly effective, lightweight, and safer since it can be checked from the ground. Try No-See'Um, you won't use any other !! Sold exclusively by Wildlife Control Supplies. Visit their website to purchase one now with your credit card online! Click on TRAPS, then SPECIALTY TRAPS. Or place your order by phone Toll Free: 877-684-7262. For more detailed closeups, be sure to visit their special photo page.


I really like Pritchard's trap. While on my way to a pest control meeting, I had this job come up and I simply stuck the trap down the flue; it took all of 2 minutes. Next morning, the customer called me to tell me that the flag was down! I had the coon! The trap is very practical, lightweight, and because it's galvanized, will not rust.

Tom Raiber
Varmint Gitter
Medina, OH 44256



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